Treyki Mini People and Asset Tracking System

Your mind is free and loved ones are safe


Arvento Treyki Mini, new generation GPS tracker with low energy consumption and long operation time

If you are every day concerned about the whereabouts and safety of your loved ones and valuable assets, it is the high time to introduce you Treyki Mini People and Asset Tracking System. You can have 7/24 tracking anywhere with Internet connection and reach to any person you want in the shortest time in any case of emergency. Treyki Mini New Generation Tracking System can be used:

Treyki Mini New Generation GPS Tracking System;

for tracking high-risk patients, e.g. Alzheimer’s patients,

for the safety and tracking of children,

for the safety and tracking of the disabled,

during search and rescue operations,

for the safety and tracking of outdoor sports activities,

for tracking and control of pets,

for tracking and control of valuables and assets,

for tracking of field teams and operations.

Treyki Mini

• Small size and lightweight design; carry it on your purse, pocket, etc.

• A single unit with internal GSM and GPS antennas

• Assisted GNSS / GPS / Glonass module with 72 channel

• Dual Band GSM / GPRS module

• Thanks to emergency button, an emergency (SOS) message can be send to the predefined number and mobile application

• GPS receiver and assisted GPS feature

• 6-Axis Accelerometer

• GeoFence

• Firmware over the air (FOTA)

Arvento‘s easy-to-use web based interface, can be accessed with a user name and password from any internet enabled PC through simple interface enables users to access their vehicle tracking and fleet management and monitoring system with digital maps hosted on the web server.

Arvento desktop solution and digital maps, installed on the user’s PC, only receives the data through the devices. Thus, it operates fast and effectively even with the low bandwidth internet connections.

Vehicles can be monitored in real time on the digital maps with Arvento’s mobile applications specifically designed and compatible with iPhone/iPad (iOS), Android based devices. Users can easily access reports, notifications and warning messages and monitor vehicles through the mobile applications.

Licensed Digital Maps

World’s maps on your screen turn-by-turn.

Digital maps, integrated into Arvento’s software and applications, are updated throughout the subscription period at no additional charge. Furthermore, users can customize digital maps by adding key locations, such as office locations, POIs and more. Arvento system comes installed with digital maps of Europe, Middle East and Arab Peninsula including certain streets, avenues and main locations.

1 Year Warranty – Extended throughout the subscription period

In addition to 1 year warranty period, indefinite software and device warranty continues as long as subscription period.

Local Technical Service

Specialized technical after sales services of Arvento are always with you during the device installation and later for all your maintenance and technical service needs under warranty.

Customer Center Support

Arvento's customer services team is always at your service to answer your questions and to support you.